UNICS, the company behind the UNIRETHANE Series of urethane coatings

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High-performance surface treatment offering outstanding abrasion resistance and support for a wide range of applications UNIRETHANE More sliding polyurethane coatings TEFTHANE One sampler is Okay to use

The UNICS Corporation provides services nationwide and operates overseas too


Uniquely developed by the UNICS Corporation, the UNIRETHANE Series enables high quality surface treatment that is difficult to
achieve with conventional coatings. Products can be applied to
many different materials and are used across
a wide range of industries.
UNIRETHANE is a revolutionary polyurethane coating with few limitations in terms of shape or size.

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The TEFTHANE Series aout the TEFTHANE

“TEFTHANE” is registered
mark of UNICS modified Polyurethane
which is sustaining anti-abrasive property of “UNIRETHANE”,
is very effective material for machineries,
tools ands parts
which is required the performance of anti-abrasion,
sliding and separation.

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Specialist advice from experts in surface treatment We gives you good advise

UNICS provides support for a wide range of industries, including powder,
electronics, food products, pharmaceuticals, vehicles, aircraft, agriculture/forestry,
sports and essential infrastructure.

  • Another company refused to supply coatings for complex shapes.
  • Another company refused to supply coatings for complex shapes.
  • We want to minimize the cost of surface treatment for large machinery.
  • We’re looking for highly durable surface treatment for easy maintenance.
  • We can’t work out which sort of coating would be best.
  • We need to talk to someone about our coating issues.


Why customers continue to choose UNICS

  • Special technology UNIRETHANE
  • Endless Solutions
  • One-stop surface
  • Performance of Founded30years
  • Earliest Delivery time

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There is nothing we cannot do! Akio Naemura, President

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website here at UNICS, the company behind the uniquely developed UNIRETHANE Series of urethane coatings. We provide urethane coatings and a whole host of other surface treatment services to customers nationwide , focusing particularly on Osaka, where our headquarters are located.

Our biggest strength is our uniquely developed coating series UNIRETHANE. It is superior to conventional coatings in terms of both functionality and performance, and can be used on a wide range of different materials, from metal to plastic, concrete and wood. It can also be applied at ambient temperatures using spray coating technology, and has few limitations in terms of the size and shape of material being coated.

We are similarly committed to customer satisfaction, and have a rapid one-day delivery system for customers ordering even individual prototypes. We handle everything in-house, so you can rest assured when it comes to quality too.

We are constantly working on research and development in order to improve quality even further, and spend every day striving to bring about new innovations in the coating industry. We always provide services in line with our customers’ requirements, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any issues relating to surface treatment.

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