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Why customers continue to choose UNICS

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Reasons why customers continue to choose UNICS, a pioneer in the coating industry

The UNICS Corporation has continued to forge ahead for over 30 years since the company was founded, and has won the support of countless loyal customers along the way. We continue to make the most of the experience and expertise we have built up during this time, in order to provide solutions to surface treatment and urethane coating issues affecting our many customers. This page outlines our strengths as a company and the reasons why our customers continue to choose UNICS.


Unique technologies and UNIRETHANE Series coatings

We developed the unique UNIRETHANE Series of highly functional, high performance coatings so that they can be used with a wide range of materials, including rubber, plastic, concrete and wood, as well as metal. There is no need to specify a shape or size, and products offer outstanding maintenance and low costs too. The fact that we have developed the UNIRETHANE Series, with all of its advantages, and continue to improve products even today, is one of our biggest strengths as a company. We are determined to keep on driving forward the coating industry in the future.

Guide to coating solutions according to application


Our endless ability to
provide solutions “Never give up“
ability to provide solutions and
development framework

Your journey with UNICS starts with the fact that we never say that something is impossible. We have continued to grow as a company because we relish taking on challenges, even if it is something we haven’t experienced before. No matter what you want, just try asking us. The coating experts in our laboratories work day and night carrying out abrasion tests. We have highly skilled professionals working in the field too, carefully processing each individual product. We are constantly striving to develop new coating technologies and new coatings, so that we can provide our customers with satisfactory solutions and results.


The ability to satisfy
our customers’ needs

We can produce any number of prototypes, even just one. We handle everything through to mass production too, so don’t hesitate to ask us anything at all. In addition to the uniquely developed UNIRETHANE Series, we are also equipped to deal with materials such as regular polyurethane and Teflon coatings, to suit individual situations. If you need anything relating to surface treatment, please just leave it to us.


Quality underpinned by expertise
and a track record of over 30 years

We have been providing customers across a wide range of industries with services over the course of a long history dating back more than 30 years. In particular, we receive lots of requests from the part-feeder (sorter) industry, which remains one of our specialist fields. We can also cater to powder or liquid form, so that our products can be used by customers from countless different industries, from food to construction, pharmaceuticals and electronics. We also organize regular workshops and training to improve our skills even more. We will continue to gain experience and expertise in the future, so that our loyal customers continue to use our services.


Delivery as fast as one day offering
one-stop services

As part of our approach to business, we place top priority on customer satisfaction. With that in mind, we have a framework in place to enable us to satisfy our customers’ needs to the very best of our ability. A key part of that framework is our rapid delivery system, which can be as fast as one day. We are able to provide this service because we have a more efficient framework based on handling everything in-house. In fact, we have already been providing this service for over 20 years. We are committed to maintaining our service capabilities in the future, so that we can keep on making our customers happy.

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