UNIRETHANE Series of polyurethane coatings uniquely developed by the UNICS Corporation

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UNIRETHANE highly functional, high performance urethane coatings

The following section provides an introduction to UNIRETHANE, the raw material in the UNIRETHANE Series of improved urethane coatings, uniquely developed and supplied by the UNICS Corporation. Please take a moment to look through the overview of UNIRETHANE below, as well as details of its features, test data and example applications. It is well worth taking a look at TEFTHANE, our coatings with improved non-stick properties, at the same time

UNIRETHANE two-component hand-spray polyurethane raw materials

In an effort to satisfy a wide range of performance requirements from customers, and to improve workability and quality for installing engineers, we used urethane coating technologies built up over many years at UNICS to develop a highly functional, high performance raw material for polyurethane coatings. That is UNIRETHANE.

We have products with amazing abrasion resistance, and can help to reduce location, equipment and associated costs for two-component installation that hardens at ambient temperatures. Our products also help to improve the efficiency and life span of machinery, equipment and parts. We have products tailored to improve functionality, performance, application and price, in order to increase operating efficiency, enhance quality and reduce overall costs. We recommend trying our products at least once.

*UNIRETHANE is a registered trademark for UNICS polyurethane raw materials.

Key features of UNIRETHANE
Abrasion resistance Capable of withstanding abrasion from powder and slurry
Vibration absorption/
sound insulation
Absorbs sound waves and vibration thanks to outstanding elastic properties
Elasticity Exhibits shock-absorbing properties with a rubber hardness of 80-90 degrees
Weather resistance Resilient to conditions such as sun, ozone, wind, snow and seawater
Chemical/oil resistance Broadly within PH13-11
Adjustable thickness Can be seamlessly adjusted from 0.1mm to 5mm
Extended functionality Unique additives available for electric conductivity, slidability, autolysis, etc.
Compliance with food
hygiene legislation
Compliant with regulations and standards set out by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and with tests under the EU RoHS Directive
The most important feature of UNIRETHANE is its abrasion resistance

UNIRETHANE is a material that is strong yet light and flexible at the same time. It also offers outstanding abrasion resistance compared to other industrial materials. US3000 in particular offers a level of abrasion resistance that would be unimaginable for regular polyurethane, making it suitable for applications such as devices with heavy wear and tear.

Material Abrasion (mg)
Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene 23
General-purpose polyurethane (other companies) 35~50
Abrasion resistant steel plate 62
Stainless SUS304 82
Carbon steel plate 100
Vinyl chloride 532

*Abrasion tests conducted in accordance with “JIS K 7204:1999 Testing Method for Abrasion Resistance of Plastics by Abrasion Wheels” (Taber Test) Test load: 4.9N Abrasion wheels: H18 Test cycles: 1,000

Highly resistant to chemicals, saltwater, oil and heat too

UNIRETHANE has outstanding chemical resistance in the range PH4-10, and performs well against most oils and saltwater too, making it suitable for applications such as water filters and marine equipment. It also offers heat resistance up to 80-90 degrees centigrade , compared to an upper limit of 70-80 degrees centigrade for general-purpose polyurethane. Water resistance tests have shown that US3000 is resistant up to 100-120 degrees centigrade. Properties such as these are opening up applications across an increasingly wide range of fields.

Chemical Short-term Long-term
20% acetic acid ×
5% hydrochloric acid
20% sulfuric acid
Ammonia water水
5% saltwater

○=Good △=OK ×= Not suitable

Physical properties
(in accordance with JIS plan)
US3000 US2000 US1000
Tensile strength (kgf/cm2) 540 525 550
Elongation (%) 300 300 320
100% modulus (kgd/cm2) 146 120 110
Rubber hardness SHORE-A 80~85 85~90 83~87
Adhesion strength* (kgf/cm2) 8~10 8~10 8~10

*Conditions: SUS304 plate, #20 sandblasting, treated with UNICMENDER SPC-U2 prime

Applications in different industries

UNIRETHANE is used across a wide range of different sectors and industries, including food, pharmaceuticals, aviation, agriculture/forestry, sports and essential infrastructure. It is also possible to improve other functions or aspects of performance by mixing in additives. Please feel free to ask us about any applications too. The following table lists example applications for UNIRETHANE according to industry.

Electrical and
Part-feeders, hoppers/tanks, electronic material plants, cyclones, classifiers/barrels
Industrial tools, truck loading platforms, roller case, forklift trucks, tunnel fans
Water/marine Fenders/ship bottoms, submersible pumps, underwater robots, floodgate seals, marine plants
Wind turbine blades, interior walls for nuclear reactor buildings, underwater rotors, parabola AT, shrine boxes
Garbage trucks, etc., industrial waste hoppers, snow plow blades, hand rails/sporting equipment
Mining/construction Screens, conveyor belts, conveyor equipment, vehicles, concrete formwork surfaces, shooters/sound insulation

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